Somaliland: Haldoor Youth Association Denounces the Decision of Hoodaale



Somaliland – The youth association of Haldoor, the intellectual society for the Sa’ad Muse community, state hereby that tonight the 19th of December 2014 the group’s creation stands for the defence of the sovereignty of the nationhood of Somaliland, fortification of brethrenship, good neighbourliness, harmonious living and kinship (togetherness) of the Sa’ad Muse community at large. Haldoor is for the mobilization of the youth to lead in their unification such that they may work towards achieving objectives through solidarity as a whole unit.
Its undertakings are working together with security institutions, keeping vigil by bolstering and safeguarding national peace and stability.
The association’s image is moulding active youth who are sensitive to the associated feelings of the members of the society hence are steadfastly ready to put in their time, brains, moral and material support towards the national aspirations.
It is to this end that this press statement avers that:
-Haldoor association categorically denounces the illegal verdict resolved by the development committee of HOODAALE that announced the partisan resolution which rendered ill-will individual support without due process to the detriment of the communal setting.
-The association duly apologizes to the Sa’ad Muse community who support the three men with political ambitions whom we cannot (either) selectively anoint since it’s the incumbency of the KULMIYE central committee as they are dutifully tasked with the matter. It is for us to support the elected aspirant (winner) chosen from within (through) the party’s political processes.
-Forthwith from today, henceforth, Haldoor withdraws its supportive trust from the development committee of Hoodaale since they have been swayed and manipulated by egotist politicians from within the community.
The association appeals to the youth from the community to desist from and not indulge in the political competition before-hand in a race propelled by individual self interest that may create dis-harmony within the community
Haldoor Chairman
Ahmed Abdillahi Hassan Farah.