Somaliland: Clandestine Radio Station Nabbed


By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Three journalists are in police custody for reasons related to operating a clandestine radio station in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.
The three though most like four were arrested on the eve of 17th Nov after police in the capital located the studios of BAADI GOOB an unlicensed radio station transmitting out of October estate for a couple of months mostly anti-establishment programs and news.
According to sources within the police force the three journalists caught red handed at the studios are helping with investigations pertaining to the person/people or organization/s behind the station whose secret broadcasts have been curtailed in a police operation that took months of investigations to locate the studios and antennae utilizing high performance signal analyzers.
Though yet to be confirmed information indicates that among journalists in custody or manning the now defunct Radio BAADI GOOB are ministry of Information employees.
Similarly other sources indicate that police investigators are pursuing a major Somaliland telecommunication company that alleged hosted the antennae of Radio BAADI GOOB on one of its towers in Hargeisa with close proximity to the studios in October Estate.
Ironically, Kulmiye, the ruling Somaliland political party was the first to operate a clandestine radio station in the country which broadcasted under the name HORYAAL during the 2010 presidential elections is greatly attributed with the massive win by president Silanyo through anti then president Dahir Rayale Kahin and ruling party of UDUB.
Despite enjoying the services and subsequently accrued benefits of HOORYAAL, the radio station that ceased broadcasting immediately upon end of the 2010 presidential elections is not Kulmiye party but privately owned.