Somaliland: Bihi Withdraws his Candidature Boldly


His move and words of wisdom to boost party unity and bolster his stature 

The Chairman of Kulmiye party Muse Bihi withdraws his candidature for the presidency on a ruling party ticket

By:M.A. Egge
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The Chairman of the national ruling party, KULMIYE, Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi has rescinded, hence officially, withdrawn his Presidential aspirancy candidature in a press conference announcement he made in his office yesterday.
This now leaves the Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud to be the only, and unopposed, candidate in the party hence pave the way for his defense of the top seat in the country.
The move to call the media fraternity follows revelation yesterday by four wealthy entrepreneurs who impressed upon him the need to hold the party together. His action is believed that it will earn him praises, boost the party unity and bolster his stature as a politician.
Chairman Bihi declared yesterday in words of wisdom that he not only withdrew his candidature but was there to hold afloat the party, pep in more vigour, revitalize it and in effect, fortify it even more.
His words sunk the hearts of distracters when he said that he was there to stay and should never be assumed as one to jump ship.
“I have wisdom hence don’t think that I would bolt or destroy what we have so painstakingly built”. He added that detractors should not even think for a moment that he is begrudged.
“I’m not begrudged even in the remotest sense”, he said.
He made it clear that he had before accepted the GUURTI verdict just as he has now welcomed the efforts of his kinsmen entrepreneurs who have prevailed upon him to step down in favour of the incumbent President.
The chairman however reminded the people that his decision was a testament that national interest surpassed all underlying individual ambitions.
He pointed out that the party hand undergone a lot of tribulations before and was now at the helm.
He although noted the fact that for slightly over a couple of years it was clogged with power struggles that resulted in the delay of the AGM which was severally postponed.
“Now that the highest organs in the land has prevailed upon me concede hence the latest efforts made by the business fraternity, I withdraw my candidature in favour of the President”, he declared.
He was referring to the GUURTI arbitration which ruled that the preparation (organizing) committee of the AGM were in line with legal requirement.
The issue now rests and the KULMIYE party itself has come out triumphantly.