Somaliland: Bedridden 16 Years Old Asha Ahmed Pleads for Your Help


Somalilandsun- The medical condition of miss Asha Ahmed Ali can not be treated in Somaliland thence expedited attention abroad.
This is per a Doctor’s letter after examination of the youthful girl who is suffering from a backbone ailment that has not only confined her to bed for three years but is now spreading to her neck.
The attention to this issue was brought to our attention when the girl being pushed on wheelbarrow by a relative visited The Horn Tribune offices in Hargeisa.
“I am here to appeal for help” miss Asha told Dawan media group operative Saad Harbi.
Revealing that she has been bedridden for three years due to the ailment affecting her backbone, Miss Asha went on to say that though she had initially accepted her condition, the now malfunction use of her neck is worrisome.
“Am from a very poor family that has difficulties feeding me let alone sending me abroad for medical attention” said the 16 year old Asha Ahmed Ali.

What started as a complication on the backbone of Asha Ahmed Ali, 16, is three years later spreading to her chest

Since nothing can be done locally and in lieu of poverty in her family thus unable to pay medical expenses abroad the young girl wants members of the public to help.
Said she, “I appeal to all Somalilanders to help me with my treatment”
Anybody wishing to help in anyway can send contributions or contact ASHA via telephone numbers 0633739209 and 0657199034
This is one sure cause that needs your SUPPORT be it a dollar or less!