Somaliland: African Express Delivers 175 Passengers in Maiden Flight to Hargeisa


African Express airways makes maiden flight to Egal inyternational Airport

By: Waris Mohamed

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland’s Minister of Aviation Mohamud Hashi Abdi, alongside a number of senior pilots from local travel agency African Airways, while holding a press conference made statements on the recent reconstruction project of Egal International Airport, praising the amplified efforts made by Somaliland’s government to renovate such crucial sector.

Egal International Airport, which is Somaliland’s main airport, has undergone major changes that followed signing contracts with foreign companies willing to invest in Somaliland. This has been one of the most significant developmental projects implemented so far in Somaliland.

One of the pilots speaking at the press conference pointed out how his plane landed effortlessly at Egal International Airport. He continued to explain how Egal international airport became competitive to the East-African international airports.

Hassan Gas, the manager of African Airways detailed to the media that the total number of passengers they carried from UAE on the last flight was 175 passengers.

On the conclusion of that event the Minister of Aviation for Somaliland Mahmoud Hashi Abdi continued to elaborate on how these pilots were witnesses of the great transformation made to Egal International Airport.