Somalia: Villa Somalia Attacked as Rejection to President Farmajo’s Term Extension Increases


Somalilandsun: Two women are reported killed and a score other people injured following an attack on Villa Somalia,  the seat of the Presidential place in Mogadisbu.

“The deaths and injuries according to HOL the sparrage  when the mortar landed on a family home.

At least three mortar shells landed in Villa Somalia, the seat of Somalia’s president, as tensions in the city intensify over the ongoing electoral stalemate.,  two other shells landed within the neighbourhood of Villa Somalia.

While Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility  the Federal government of Somalia is yet to comment on the deadly incident.

In the meantime , political tensions continue especially in Mogadishu where the President Farmajo two years term extension is facing rejection from various stakeholders including opposition politicians, traditional leadership and members of the  international community supporting Somalia.