Somalia: 12 Men and a Woman Summarily Executed in Puntland


Some of the executedSomalilandsun – Puntalnd security forces carried out summary execution of 13 suspected Al Shabaab members today including a woman , local websites have reported. Some of the executed persons were found guilty of killing a Muslim Scholar named Dr Ahmed Sh. Abdirahman in Bossaso in 2011.

The Somalis that were shot today were mainly young persons between the ages of 18 – 25 years . Some of them have previously been charged with the killing of the scholar and have been sentenced to death by Puntland court while others were never brought to court. The youth were executed at the outskirts of Bossao city with the presence of Puntalnd security officers, HOL has reported.

The Media was denied access to the site of the execution or to take photos and report about the act. The place was also secured by the Puntland armed forces and the Puntland navy.

Few names of the executed youth that have earlier confessed to the killing of Dr.Ahmed during the court hearing are :

1. Mr.Ahmed Mohamed Ali – 18 years old .

2. Mr.Mohamed Abshir Artan -20 years old

3. Mr.Abdirahmaan Mohamed Ali – 28 old.

4. Mr.Abdiqani Nur Mohamed (Qorane) -23 years old

5. Miss Ruqiyo Hasan Mahamed Yusuf -25 old

6. Mr. Mohamed Mohamud Saadole – age not stated

Puntland security officials denied to comment on the summary execution of these young Somalis while witnesses who requested to stay anonymous said that the youth were taken from Bossaso prison during the night and were ordered to stand in line and then shot by the security forces.

Translated from Somali by Medeshi