Refugees International Calls for Urgent Intervention in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region

An Ethiopian refugee at the Fashaga camp on the Sudan-Ethiopia border, in Kassala state, Sudan, 13 December, 2020. (Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah/REUTERS)

Somalilandsun: “The humanitarian situation in Tigray is rapidly deteriorating, and the international community must urgently intervene. Some 2.2 million people have been displaced since the fighting erupted last November, and humanitarian access remains largely cut off. Hunger is setting in amidst Tigrayans and the Eritrean refugee population in Tigray—many of whom have faced kidnapping, human rights abuses, and other attacks as they try to flee.

Refugees International is concerned about reports of sexual and gender-based violence. Women and separated children are particularly vulnerable to such attacks, and with rising ethnic tensions , there is concern that these abuses will worsen.

In this Tuesday Jan. 12, 2021 photo provided by the Catholic Relief Services, people affected by the conflict in Tigray load food aid provided by USAID and Catholic Relief Services onto a donkey cart

Refugees International calls on all parties to the conflict to cease fighting and pursue peaceful dialogue. Humanitarian actors must have complete access to all of Tigray and be viewed as neutral to the conflict.

The United States and its allies must continue to engage more fully to prevent further crisis in Tigray and a rapid escalation in the region more broadly.”


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