Ethiopian Community in Somaliland Donate Ambulance to Federal Army

Ethiopian ministry of defence and Ethiopian community reos at the Handover

Somalilandsun: Ethiopians living in Somaliland have donated an ambulance worth 2.5 million Birr to the Ethiopian National Defense Force that has been engaging in law enforcement action in the Tigray region.

One dollar equals $40 thus donation worth $62000

State Minister for the Ministry of Defense of Ethiopia, Martha Lewji, appreciated the community for its support while Ethiopia’s Council General in Somaliland, Seid Muhammud recalled the active involvement of the community in various national issues.

According to the Ministry of Foreign affairs Ethiopia, Military leaders of the FDRE Ministry of Defense and the Somaliland community were present.

Somilaland is home to a large Ethiopian community both legal and illegal estimated to be over 100000 and scattered all over the country