Somaliland: Lion Escapes, Injures Two , Police Urge Caution


Somalilandsun: Police in the capital Hargeisa are conducting a large scale search operation for a lion running loose.
According to the Commander of the Somaliland Police Force, Brigadier General Mohamed Aden Saqadhi (Dabagale) the escaped lion has injured two people now receiving treatment at the Hargeisa group hospital.
Speaking to the media in the police boss confirmed that one of the lions owned by politician Ali Mohamed Warna’ade escaped from its pen tonight
The commander said that the escaped lion injured two people, and that the police are conducting a large-scale search operation for the escaped lion.
Waran’ade owns a number of lions that are kept at his residence in the Gaanlibah district in the East of Hargeisa.
Though popular with local tourists the Waran’ade lions are known to have injured sometimes to death a number of citizens in the past
Warning city residents to be on the look out for the escaped lion Brigadier General Dabagale urged the public to report any sightings to the police.
While the police are doing a great job it appears that this would have been a chore for the ministry of environment’s department of wildlife management.