Ethiopia: Where is PM Abiy ?-አብይ የት አለ?

PM Abiy Ahmed has not been seen in public for over a fortnight

Somalilandsun: Somaliland is not only home to a large number of Ethiopians but a enjoys cordial relations at government levels.
It therefore finds that citizens of Somaliland who are known to very political always follow keenly events in both their country and elsewhere especially neighbouring countries like Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya etc.
Of late in Hargeisa where the large number Ethiopians be they refugees, merchants it expatriates and locals mingle both socially and professional talk has been rife about the whereabouts of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia.

Members of the Ethiopian Community in Somaliland commemorate their national day in Hargeisa -File photo

According to the ongoing talk PM Abiy has not been seen in public for over a fortnight thus diverse opinions by the politicking masses who also claim that this absence in the public limelight also includes other four high ranking federal government officials among them finance Minister Ahmed Shide.

Abiy Ahmed Ali was born in Beshasha, Jimma 45 years  became  the youngest prime minister of Ethiopia in 2018. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2019 for his efforts toward attaining peace and international cooperation, particularly for his work to end his country’s long-running border dispute with neighbouring Eritrea.
The fact that the finance minister Ahmed Shide who is a trusted and loyal Aide is of Somali origin raises the ante high in Somaliland.
According to the chitchat the PM has not been seen in public nor heard of for the last three weeks , to verify this our perusal of his social media handles , Twitter and Facebook of which he uses veraciously indicates a slack in the period of his public absence.

Ethiopia Finance Minister Ahmed Shide is a trusted and loyal aide of PM Abiy Ahmed

Though all is said  his latest tweet @AbiyAhmedAli of the 26th Jan reads ” The implementation of peace and collective development agreements within the internal and administrative boundaries of regions will have a significant impact on the country’s sustainable development”unquote.

In this elongated period not being see  his spouse and the  first lady of Ethiopia Zinash Tayachew has been very active in public as her official Twitter handle @FLEthiopia indicates

The Spouse of PM Abiy and Ethiopia’s first lady Zinash Tayachew inaugurated the Ifa Suro Burguda High School on the 26th Jan

Being irregular for a figure of his stature to disappear from the public limelight for a such period and in the wake of the just conclude war in Tigray region the big question remains Where is Ethiopia’s PM Abiy -አብይ የት አለ