Somaliland: Sa’dadin the Prestine and Scenic island in the Northwest

Somaliland: Sa'dadin the Prestige and Scenic island in the Northwest

Somalilandsun: Though Somaliland remains internationally Unrecognized as a sovereign nations its security in a turbulent region continues to attract tourists.

From the 4000 years old and pre-organized religion rock paintings at Las Geel, the beaches of Berbera, buried Fardowsa town in Sheikh, the Taleeh fort to Dallo Mountains in the east both foreign and local tourists have plenty of varieties.

In the Northwest lies  Sa’dadin a prestine island which remains unexplored by tourists mostly due to lack of promotion by relevant authorities.


The Sa’dadin Islands offer many attractions like scuba diving, fishing for rare species, cave explorations and bird watching among others.

Known as the Zeila Archipelago, Sa’dadin is part of a group of islands off the northern coast of Somaliland. They are situated near the ancient city of Zeila

Prestine Sa’dadin

The Zeila Archipelago is made of six small islands all of which are low-lying and have sandy beaches.The largest of these islands are Sacadin and Aibat, which are six and nine miles off the coast of Zeila, respectively.[8] There is also a lighthouse at Aibat.

The name for the archipelago comes from the Somali Sultan Sa’ad ad-Din II who was killed by Emperor Yeshaq I of Abyssinia on the main island in 1415. Along with his name, there many different spelling for the island such as Sa’ad ed Din, Sa’ad-ed-din, and Sa’ad-ad-Din. The archpeliogo is also known as the Zeila Archipelago and the Sa’ad ad-Din group.

Somaliland: Sa'dadin the Prestige and Scenic island in the Northwest
Ruins-of-the-Adal-Sultanate-in-modern-Zeila Somaliland

Legendary Arab explorer Ahmad ibn Mājid wrote of the archipelago and a few other notable landmarks and ports of the northern Somali coast, including ZeilaBerberaXiisAlulaRuguudaMaydhCeel-SheekhSiyara and El-Darad.

 The wikepedia says this about the islands 

The Sa’ad ad-Din Islands are well known for their splendid coral reefs similar to those found on the southern coast of Oman.[4] These reefs are the most diverse and well formed coral reefs on the coast of the Gulf of Aden   and possiblyy the largest in the region. From provincial counts, ninety-nine different species of coral from forty-three different generas have been found on the islands.

There are also a hundred and thirty-two different species of coral fish found around the archipelago. Many of these species include those also found in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean.

Birds of Zeila archipelago in Somaliland

The island of Sa’ad ad-Din and Aibat (called Ceebaad in Somali)[ both are sites of major bird colonies. On the island of Sa’ad ad-Din alone, there were more than 100,000 breeding pairs recorded.

Following the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and other NGO worked with local authorizes to establish protected areas and monitor fishers on the islands.

Both prestine and historic Zeila archipelago

According to  @MediaIfat who provided all the photographs herein  Sa’dadin Island is one of most beautiful and attractive places in horn of Africa. #LoveSomaliland