Somaliland: “We are Committed to a Timely, Free and Fair Consolidated Election”- President Bihi

President Bihi poses with civic leaders after meeting at the Somaliland Presidency in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun: The Government of Somaliland is committed to a democratic process based leadership thus determined to ensure Parliamentary and local councils elections are held in a timely, free and manner.
This was stated by President Musa Bihi at the Presidency in Hargeisa during a meeting with mayor’s from all local councils in the country where discussions revolved around preparations for the Parliamentary and local councils elections slated for the 31st May 2021 in Somaliland.
The mayor’s from all the 23 local councils Electoral constituencies were led by minster Mohamed Kahin from Interior which is the local government line Ministry.

We owe citizens a right to choose leaders of choice, president Bihi tells mayor’s during a meeting at the Somaliland Presidency in Hargeisa

These elections which will be the first consolidated in the country has already attracted a sizeable number of aspirants in both the national legislature and local councils.
During the 2012 local councils elections 2,368 candidates contested 379 seats in nineteen of Somaliland’s twenty-three electoral districts. This time around anticipations are high that polls shall be held in all electoral districts.
At the national Legislature which has been in office for over a decade the first and only elections of 2005, the 82 seats at the house of representatives representing the Six Somaliland electoral Regions attracted 246 candidates.
At the Presidency meeting the civic leaders were impressed upon the importance of safeguarding the credibility of the Internationally acclaimed Somaliland democratization process by ensuring a free, fair and transparent balloting.
“Since we hold office courtesy of Somalilanders, owe them access to a conducive environment for them to choose leaders of their choice in a timely, free, fair and transparent election” said the president as he urged diligence on the civic leaders
Stating that his Administration will not allow aspirants who currently hold public office be it civil servants, councillors or members of parliament to utilize public property in campaigns, president Bihi ordered the civic leaders to see that this commitment is upheld nationwide.
While pressing on the fact that election campaigns are now imminent, the head of state said that the country is thus on a transition period thence only the Government is active.
“Once a country is in a transition period, the central government has the primary responsibility and in this regard the mayor’s together with regional administrators have the point in their respective areas of jurisdiction.
In a message to the public President Musa Bihi urged all those aspiring for Parliamentary and local Councils seats to play a leading role in upholding the electoral laws, maintaining security and social cohesion.

President Bihi and interior minister Mohamed Kahin at an election preparatory meeting with mayor’s from all local councils at the Somaliland Presidency in Hargeisa

As of now the three national political parties of Ruling Kulmiye and Opposition UCID and Wadani are vetting candidates.
The Constitution of Somaliland stipulates that only three political parties can exist at any one time. As a result, the three associations that gain the largest numbers of local council seats become the official political parties and enjoy exclusive legitimacy for the next ten years.
A political organisation had to achieve 20% of the vote in at least four of Somaliland’s six regions in order to become a national party and contest presidential and parliamentary elections.