Somaliland: Water Resource, Distribution Issues beyond Politics-Editorial


Somalilanders endure all sorts of hardships in their quest for safe and sufficient drinking water

Somalilandsun – The issue of water resource and its distribution is one that should NOT AT ALL be politicized, misused or manipulated by any individual or group of persons.
We support to the hilt the words and sentiments expressed by Hon. U’kuse that the government is poised to see to it that everybody is entitled to the commodity.
We also support his statement that everybody is equal in the eyes of the law and have equal rights.
In the same breathe we demy in the strongest terms possible that people should politicize this issue and plant seeds of discord between the communities especially during such holy month of Ramadan.
We are not going to accept nor allow such trend at all, not now not ever.
There are things people can joke about or with, but of all things water is completely out of question-whether religiously, morally or in every sense of the word.
Water is the most basic component of life and livelihood and the government will definitely not allow any person or community to try to politicize or hijack it.
This is why the whole job and work of sourcing and supplying it is charged with it.
We hope and believe that the additional members in the committee will help reassure members of the public.
In the strongest terms possible we not only decry the rumours peddled about water diversion but we also call upon all culprits to immediately desist from fueling these dangerous words.
We know that in all innuendos of the game, the rummour-mongers have/had only ill-intent hence Somaliland and Somalilanders are not going to let such things go on.
We support U’kuse’s words and praise the President for his efforts. We remind everybody that the only way we can progress and develop on all issues and in various forms is only when we are united and are behind one purpose.
Our main purpose, thus, as always vividly known to all is our aspiration as per our sense of belonging.
Somaliland has got to stand on its feet and WILL do so.