Somaliland: The State is Victimizing UCID Party Endorsed Candidates says Party Leader Eng Feisal Ali

Eng Fesial Ali with some UCID Party candidates for Parliamentary and local councils elections in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun: President Musa Bihi has been accused of trampling on the Somaliland Constitution.
The accusations were made by the chairman cum presidential candidate of opposition party UCID Eng Feisal Ali Warabe in Hargeisa where he was officiating a function for endorsement of two party candidates in Parliamentary and local councils elections slated for the 31st May this year.
“Everybody is aware that two of our party candidates aspiring for election as MP and councillor in Hargeisa are in detention at the Mandera Maxim security prison” said Eng Feisal as he said the duo are in custody on the personal behest of president Musa Bihi.
The opposition Politician was referring to the Saga of 8th February 2021, that saw police in Hargeisa arrest Raage Ahmed Yusuf and Mohamoud Ahmed Jama Dhadoon, two candidates from Ucid opposition party.
Raage Ahmed Yuusuf is a candidate for the Ucid party in the House of Representatives in Hargeisa while Mohamoud Ahmed Yuusuf Dhadoon is a candidate for the Hargeisa city council. Raage is also the Secretary of Finance of Ucid and member of its central committee.
On 10 February 2021, they were transferred to Mandera Prison, a maximum-security prison. They are not charged with a crime. Family members told HRC that they were refused to meet them.

Raage Ahmed Yusuf and Mahmoud Ahmed Yusuf Dhadoon were arrested in Hargeisa after declaring their candidature in forthcoming Elections on an Opposition UCID Party’ ticket on 8th Feb 2021

“There arrest and subsequent detention is a violation of article 22 (1) of the Somaliland Constitution which stipulates that “every citizen shall have the right to participate in the political, economic social and cultural affairs.” Said Mr Warabe.
While demanding expedited and unconditional release of the duo the UCID Party leader further accused the president of intent to mar work done and being done by the National Elections Commission-NEC more so the very successful Voter registration exercise.
At the function in Hargeisa Eng Feisal Ali Warabe and other senior party officials formally Endorsed on an UCID Party ticket the Parliamentary and local councils elections candidature of Mohamed Hassan Said and Mahmud Hussein Farah (Adani) in Maroodi-Jeex region and Hargeisa municipality respectively.
The party which pledged to sponsor candidates who are public service oriented also informed that deadline for accepting applications will be the 24th February 2021.