Somaliland: Strategic Focus of the Decentralization Pillar


Former city mayor Eng Jiir and other civic leaders at a JPLG funded training in Hargeisa Somaliland/file

Somalilandsun: The importance of decentralization in Somaliland was recognized as an essential part of the country’s post conflict peace and state-building process. The thematic objective behind the decentralization agenda is to improve the provision and effectiveness of the public services, resource allocation and transparent and accountable administration at local level while giving citizens instruments for influencing decisions affecting their communities and improving inter-clan confidence and national harmony.
In the Pillars of Peace Programme II the strategic focus of the Decentralization Pillar is to ensure that the existing institutions operate enabling environment in order to continue supporting the decentralization process. Embedded in the pillar strategic focus is the theme of enabling civil society to take up a more active role in local level democracy promotion. The decentralization pillar team envisions the following intended areas of impact:
Establishment platform of interaction between the local communities and elected councils that rekindles decentralization through dialogue;
• Elected local representatives aware and knowledgeable of their roles and able to deliver effectively to their mandate;
• Civil society capable in working on and monitoring good governance and democratic accountability at the local level;
• Empowered citizenry (women, youth and marginalized groups) able to monitor the actions of their leaders and to cause them to account.
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