Somaliland: Re-Independence of Somaliland a Costly Venture


“Our independence is worth 1000’s maimed & killed” MP Ali Aw Yusuf

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Re-unification as well as re-unification discussions with Somalia has been termed as never to be events.

This was said by the deputy speaker of parliament’s House of Representatives Hon Ali Aw Yusuf Ahmed during a press conference held at parliament buildings in Hargeisa where he revealed that continued insinuations by TFG officials that imminent talks were solely on re-unification was a sore sound in the ears of Somalilanders.

Said he, “When will the TFG finally realize that Somaliland’s sovereignty which came courtesy of 1000’s of our heroes killed, others maimed for life was irrevocable thus not a point for discussions with anyone”

The legislator, who vehemently castigated some Somalia officials, said that in the recent past the TFG media has been full of revelations based on lies from President Sharif and his Prime Minister Abdiweli Gaas that forthcoming discussions with Somaliland were solely to re-establish the greater Somalia union.

The deputy parliament speaker reiterated the oft stated factor that “the wishes of Somalilanders were geared towards independence at all costs thus the untenable issue of re-unification. He stressed on the point that the divorce from the fateful union with Italian Somalia came after a unanimous consensus by all nationals be the government, parliament, intellectuals, political parties, civil societies, Diaspora, Traditional and religious leaders and ordinary citizens.

Hon Ali aw Yusuf further informed that talks will be held soon but the agenda will solely concentrate on issues pertaining to diplomatic relations, security, cross border trade etc. between two countries that share common issues like language, religion and boundaries.

The legislator wondered about the TFG duo of president Sharif and PM Abdiweli in relation to their ability to lead a country considering their overt deficiency in understanding the Somaliland stand in relation to reasons behind both its union with Somalia and subsequent costly withdrawal.

While on the issue of purported disputed territory in the east of the country, the deputy parliament speaker informed Puntland that the borders were created by Britain during its reign as colonial master. The demarcation of boundaries is therefore not an issue to be argued due to tribal factors.

“Puntland claims some of our territories based on residing tribal, while as is evident in all parts ruled by Britain, the British demarcation was not based on tribe consideration”

He urged Puntland to desist from continued pestering’s that are based on arguments that are baseless since the areas they claim are recorded in the books of UN and AU as part of Somaliland.