Somaliland: Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Postponed


• No new date or postponement was announced for the elections.
• Political parties agree on Voter Registration, but differ on election

By: Mahmoud Qodah
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) announced that Voter Registration will start a month after June 26/2015; the day after Presidential and House of Representatives Election was scheduled to be held. No new date or postponements of elections were announced.
NEC Spokesman Mr. Saed Ali Muse said, “NEC and the 3 political parties have agreed on our time schedule to start Voter Registration at the end of July that registration will continue for 4 months and completed after one month of checking.”
The spokesman refusing to answer whether Presidential and House of Representatives elections are postponed said,” I won’t talk about the elections at all. I will be talking about Voter Registration only. NEC’s is responsibility is technical and that is what we are doing. We aren’t law makers and as such you can ask the law makers.”
Chairman of the Central Committee of the ruling party (KULMIYE) Mr. Jama Shabel said,” We have agreed on Voter Registration Postponement of elections is the will of God. Our party is ready for taking part in the elections, if it is held tomorrow or in 2020. Nec’s plan for Voter Registration will save the country from holding elections without Voter Registration; as had been the trend so far. It will also bring to conclusion ay postponement of elections in the future.”

 Somaliland Election Commissioners who postponed elections
Secretary General of Social and Justice Party (UCID) Mr. Abdinasir Yousuf Qodah said, “We have agreed on the technicalities and timing of the Voter Registration and will cooperate and support its being completed as scheduled.”

On elections he said, “It seems as if elections are not to be held a scheduled on June 26/2015. If so, the 2 opposition parties agreed and formed a joint committee early this year to decide on the legality of the government. We have strengthened our position with an agreement reached with The National Consultation and Ratification Forum (A forum of prominent politicians and intellectuals).”
Mr. Abdirashid Mohamd Hassan from the opposition WADANI party said, “We have agreed Voter registration to begin at the end of July- after months of preparation and to be completed in November. If elections are not held on June 26; a national consultation has to be made to decide on who will lead this country up to the election.”