Somaliland: President Ahmed Silanyo Deserves Praise not Poison (Part I)


By: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh

Somalilandsun – In a democratic constitutional State, the electoral behaviour and the choice of its citizens can be very decisive for the future prospect of the country. The choice of the electorate is sometimes a crucial cause for many aspects. It defines the future and fate of the country, as it determines the parameters of success and failure of its citizens.

By exercising their constitutional rights and freedom of choice to elect and to be elected, the electorate decides to whom they give the political capital and the legislative means to run the country.

HE Mr. Ahmed M. Mohamud (Silaanyo) became the second President of Somaliland Republic, freely and fairly elected by the people of Somaliland. He was elected in a time when it seemed that the people of Somaliland Republic were leaving behind a period full of hope and expectations and entering an environment of fear and uncertainty.

In the presidential election contest on June 26 2010, the majority of Somaliland electorate elected Mr. Ahmed Silaanyo as their president on the basis of the following fundamental reasons:

• Somaliland citizens have collectively rejected for another five years of confusion, cheating, and humiliation and deliberately thwarting the rule of law.

• Somaliland citizens were united together to rectify and repair the mistakes made in the previous election (2003) and to challenge the political dynamics on the ground in order to realise the necessary changes.

• By opting for hope, optimism and change, the majority of Somaliland electorate voted for KULMIYE Party which represented the core values of what Somaliland citizens were longed for.

That is why the winning of the presidential elections by President Ahmed Silaanyo and his Kulmiye Party represented a triumph for democracy, nation spirit and solidarity, strength of character, ability to take moral responsibility, resilience and reappearance of hope. In fact, it was a great win for all peace, development & democracy loving Somalilanders.

President Ahmed Silaanyo inherited one of the most unfavourable socio-economical situations in our country. The former government left behind a bankrupt country, the economy and public sector was about to fall apart. The structural deficit in every government department was immense. The State Treasury and the Bank were entirely looted by corrupt officials and senior figures of the former government, under the watchful eye and possibly the approval of the former President Mr. D. R. Kahin.

The former administration has systematically neglected or destroyed almost everything. The public morale was very low and the confidence in government was at its lowest point ever. Unfortunately, the newly elected president had to start out almost everything from the scratch.

One of the key priorities of the President was to win back people’s confidence, trust and belief in political system, in government as well as in democracy and social justice. He put together a Cabinet of all talents with strategic abilities and a clear policy agenda. He came up with new policy initiatives, a new government with new priorities based upon an effective, responsive and transparent Cabinet.

After three years we are witnessing that every government department is upward and progressing at an astoundingly fast pace. In different areas; such as education, foreign policy, healthcare, agriculture, defence, infrastructure and water supply, employment opportunity, etc there are quite tangible and visible improvement and achievements.

The exemplary way in which President Ahmed Silaanyo and his government dealt with the peace and stability process within Somaliland’s eastern region (Sool/Buhoodle) is a good case in point; it is a real testimony and indisputable evidence about the wisdom, maturity and leadership quality of the president.

Thanks to the President Ahmed Silaanyo’s inspirational personality as well as his dutiful devotion and dedication to serve and safeguard his country and nation; his government has restored the people’s belief and trust in the political system, in government as well as in the democratic system and social justice. The president has also repaired and realigned Somaliland’s economic, political, social and foreign policy in a democratic and progressive way.

Furthermore, President Ahmed Silaanyo has made a very crucial policy decisions based on strategic approach that addresses needs, challenges, obstacles as well as opportunities facing Somaliland’s people today in the Horn of African Region and beyond. The president promotes and encourages tirelessly that we share as a nation the same roots, history and values as we also cherish the same fate and future. The president has countless times stressed that the things that unite us and keep our people together are far more important than those factors that may create a certain disagreement among us.

(To be continued……..)

Long Live the Somaliland Republic and its Noble people

Architectural-Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) [UK]