Somaliland: Officialdom Cuts across Partisan Interests



Somalilandsun – We join all patriotic Somalilanders who hailed the President in re-aligning his cabinet make-up.

First and foremost it is because, as aptly put and underpinned by the Head of State himself, to work for a better SL – a country he loves and held dearly too by all patriots.

Secondly, the line up was well constituted as to reflect equal representations across the communities of the nation.

To this end, the President included in the team a group of people who are held highly by the populace and also with esteemed qualifications and experience to aid in their duties.

The interior, foreign, information and environment ministries are examples of some of the changes of guard whereby mainstream Somalilanders welcomed the newcomers with the firm belief that they are people of note hence trust that they would raise the levels of the said services.

At the same time the President has increased a couple more lady ministers to boost the gender issue (now numbering four) hence appointed members of the minority, too, to the cabinet.

That much said, a fact that ought to be clearly understood is that government officialdom cuts across partisan interests and cabinet members are supposed to implement the formulated policies charted out for their ministries.

Despite being executive cum political officers, their party, tribal or partisan affiliation is rendered secondary to the primary, basic and fundamental task; thus serve the people and the state (nation) without fear, or favour.

We underscore the point above hence denounce those who think that the nomination of some of the new officers was detrimental to the aspirations of some political parties hence would always stand by the interests of our aspirations.

As uncommonsensical as the weird allegations may be, the destructors have no moral or any rights whatsoever to question why so and so accepted the post or why be the same was named.

In the same breath, as we congratulate Hon. Waran’ade, Hon. A. M. D U’kuse, Hon. Shukri Bondare, and Hon. M. Y Biihi along all the rest of their team, we remind Somalilanders to put the nation first before every other earthly issue.

We have always stood for the good of our statehood just as we have always decried tribalism and associated ethnocentrisms would we denounce the trend of our media that perpetrate the same by lending unjustified credence.

The height of local hypocrisy in the media can be well visualized by going through local “news” websites.

Gutter press should not be left to take us to the gutters.

We applaud Hon. U’kuse and specially welcome his helmsmanship hoping that he will streamline local media hence lift up their standards.

The writer M.A.Egge is the editor of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan media group