Somaliland Mission in Kenya Parleys US Envoy to Somalia

Somaliland Mission in Kenya Parleys US Envoy to Somalia
US envoy to Somalia Amb Larry Andre Jr with Somaliland envoy to Kenya Amb Mohamed Barawani in Nairobi

Somalilandsun: The US government has committed to supporting the reconstruction of Hargeisa’s main Market Waheen

This was divulged following deliberations between US and somaliland dipolmats in Nairobi where other issues of mutual interest were also on the discussion menu.

The discussions between the US envoy to Somalia Ambassador Larry Andre Jr and his Somaliland counterpar in Kenya Amb  Mohamed Barawani occurred at the Somaliland mission in Nairobi following  a courtesy call by the  American diplomat.

This is the first official commitment towards support of the Waheen Market that was covered ly destroyed by a devastating fie in  early April this year.

The Waheen Market destruction is said to have cist  Hargeisa City 40% of its income base not to mention the loss of goods worth $2b and lost livelihoods to over 2000 SMEs and 5000 of their employees.

So fat millions of dollars have been availed the most vulnerable of the SMEs most of them women while other millions towards reconstruction  have been pledge by numerous  friendly  governments , international organizations and locals.

The meeting was revealed via a tweet by Amb Barawani that Read: