Somaliland: Khatumoist Defect with Heaps of New Puntland Supplied Hardware


Defecting Khatumoists Technicla Battlewagon

By: Yusuf M Hasan

TALEEH (Somalilandsun) – An assortme3nt of heavy military ordnances from Puntland is destined for Somaliland courtesy of a large number of defecting Khatumo aligned militias.

The only weapons so far identified as having been taken by the defecting militias are several technical vehicles and a number of personnel carriers that is among that were donated by Puntland President Abdirahman Farole and conveyed by his lieutenant Abdisamad Ali Shire.

The militiamen who have absconded their former paymasters of the Khatumo secessionists themselves stooges of the Puntland administration are current reported to be nearing Figifuliye district in Somaliland where over 600 former comrades in secession defected a few months are now ensconced in various units of Somaliland’s security forces.

With the intention of the ongoing Khatumo 3 Dulbahante clan meeting having been to raise mischief within Somaliland territories as the 8th November date of Somaliland Somali talks resumption in Turkey nears thence dissipate the bargaining power of Hargeisa negotiation team as well as facilitate the vote stealing of Farole during forthcoming Garowe proposed elections the defection is a major slap in the face.

Though the Somaliland authorities are yet to comment on the defections a big welcoming party for the prodigal sons from Khatumo is anticipated.

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