Somaliland is your Waterloo President Bihi tells Farmajo, his Cantankerous Somalia Counterpart

Somaliland president Muse Bihi Warns Somalia during public service teachers graduation ceremony in Hargeisa

Somalilandsun:   After three decades Somalia should now be reconciled to the fact that reunion with Somaliland is never to be.

This was stated by the president of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi as part of his  speech during the first graduation ceremony  of the national teachers college in Hargeisa.

“I hereby extend my congratulations to today’s 400 graduands for your efforts that culminated in this function which officially acknowledges you as qualified teachers but as the first batch from this institution” said the president while commending college management and tutors for a job well done.

The college is wholly thus funded by the Somaliland government.

While the president touched on various issues pertinent to multi-faceted status in the country the head of state was more concerned with sentiments being issued by officials of the federal government of neighbouring war-torn Somalia, and more specifically it’s president Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo.

Reacting to sentiments expressed by his Somalia Counterpart during a scholarly debate in Mogadishu a day earlier president Bihi warned that disregard for the sovereignty of his country was tantamount to a declaration of war.

At the function in Mogadishu where participants debated on the forthcoming elections President Farmajo said that Somaliland is inseparable and that the unity of Somalia is sacred.

Musa Bihi said in response to the premier said: “The envisaged but failed unity of the  five Somali speaking territories in 1960 was initiated by Somaliland but it collapsed three decades ago when we reclaimed our sovereignty and self rule, thus an absurdity for continued claims by Somalia over our jurisdiction”

Pointing out to the fact that Somaliland being a sovereign country doesn’t participate in other countries elections or internal affairs, president Bihi said the notion proclaimed from the highest rooftops in Mogadishu that Somaliland is participating in forthcoming parliamentary and presidential elections  was a big mistake that might impinge negatively on harmonious co-existence between the two neighbouring countries as well as in the wider horn if Africa region.

“If the federal government of Somalia has the alleged jurisdiction of this country why are the aljuded Somaliland representatives to the Somalia parliament being selected in Mogadishu and not elected in Hargeisa” wondered president Bihi

Stressing that President Farmajo and his Somalia federal government have miserably failed in managing their country’s affairs which has exposed Somalia citizens to an insecure life courtesy of attacks by militants battling the FGS for control of the country.

president Farmajo at a debate on somalia elections in mogadishu where he made disparaging remarks against Somaliland

“Despite massive support by the international community to the tune of billions of dollars annually and presence of over 20000 specialized foreign forces in the country, Farmajo has failed his people while fixated on trying to pull Somaliland into a similar state”

The heated exchange of words between the two presidents came as talks between Somalia and Somaliland recently resumed in the Republic of Djibouti