Somaliland: Hargeisa Hosts 8th Edition of Regional Sports Tournament

President Bihi kickoffs the Somaliland Regional Sports Tournament 2020 opening match between Sool and Gabile regions at the Hargeisa Stadium

Somalilandsun: After months without public entertainment functions the capital Hargeisa is now abuzz as residents from all the fourteen provinces participate in the Somaliland Regional Sports tournament 2020.

The tournament whose  8th edition brings all fourteen regions of the country together in the annual event was officially kicked-off by president Muse Bihi at the Hargeisa stadium in a ceremony with participation from a multitude of spectators among them an officials from the international Olympic Committee as well the sports ministers from Djibouti and Somalia administrative region of Ethiopia.


The spectators and honoured guests were briefed on the tournament by the of Youth and Sports of Somaliland, Mr. Boos Mire Mohamed who informed that all regions of the country are participating in football with Eight others competing for the basketball title.

He further informed that each of the  14 regional football teams  are composed of  18 players and two coaches while each of the eight basketball teams have 10 players and a coach while the 14 teams participating in other various disciplines like athletics  have five athletes  and a coach each.

“Total number of players, athletes and coaches is 452 in   totals in addition to a large number of referees and administrative officials” said minister Mire as he thanked the president and some local companies for their support in making the tournament possible”

Somaliland: Hargeisa Hosts 8th Edition of Regional Sports Tournament
Flags of all the 14 regions of Somaliland participating at the Sports tournament

Minister of Interior, Mr. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, who also addressed the gathering, praised the sports community for the manner in which they organized the regional games, as well as all the various commanders of the security forces for their strengthening security which has created a safe atmosphere for the participants and large number of spectators at games.

The guest of honour President Muse Bihi Abdi described the regional football tournament as a success and praised everyone involved in making the tournament possible. He said, “We are happy to be together at the opening ceremony of the regional games, and thank God Somaliland is peaceful, self-sufficient, and has reached the point where all its youth and regions can play in peace, security and freedom.”

Finally, the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi, officially launched the games by kicking a ball at the field’s centre thus the opening match of the regional football tournament between Hawd and Buhoodle regional teams that ended in 1: 1 draw.

President Bihi kicks off the tournament

Other played football matches are

Sanaag Region vs. Sahil Region 2:1

Awdal Region vs. Badhan region 3:0

Gebilay Region vs. Sool region 0:0

Football fixture


Somaliland: Hargeisa Hosts 8th Edition of Regional Sports Tournament


Hargeisa Stadium :aerial view