Somaliland: German Child Org, Hammer Forum Medical Team in Hargeisa

Dr. Emma (left) and his team during an operation at the Hargeisa Children's Hospital. The Bünder surgeon was in the East African region from April 9th ​​to 19th. Photo: Hammer Forum

Somalilandsun: A Hammer Forum medical team in Somaliland for the first time say their working visit helped them gain a positive impression.
The Hammer Forum is a German children’s aid organization and its medical team of six was led by Dr. Theophylaktos Emmanouilidis
The German medics helped save the lives of two children in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.
This is according to a report by Westflalen Blatt in which
Journalist Hilko Raske Notes “Somaliland which is a country of 3.5m people in East Africa has been striving for international recognition since 1991 –
The region that officially belongs to Somalia is recognized as a state, but only by Taiwan and Swaziland.
Due to the lack of international recognition, Somaliland, which is roughly the size of Greece in terms of area, receives almost no development aid.
One might think that the prerequisites for a functioning infrastructure and adequate medical care are not necessarily in place.
Nevertheless, a six-person medical team from the children’s aid organization Hammer Forum concluded their humanitarian with new insights gained thus promises of future missions