Somaliland Expels Three EUCAP Officials for Allegedly Endangering National Security

EUCAP is an active partner of the Somaliland Coast Guard

Somalilandsun:  The government of Somaliland has expelled three officials from the EUCAP offices in Hargeisa.

While no statement has been issued on the matter the expelled all senior staffers of the European Union are to Romanians and a Maltese.

EUCAP is a civilian EU mission with the mandate of supporting the establishment and capacity building of maritime civilian law enforcement capability in Somalia and Somaliland

However, the Somaliland government is yet to confirm the move the EUCAP headquarters in Mogadishu has acknowledged the expulsion of the trio from Hargeisa.

Upon our query for confirmation or negation of the removal of their three staffers the EUCAP Press and Public Information office via twitter handle @EUCAPSOM wrote

“We can confirm that three of our Hargeisa office staff members have left Hargeisa due to a request from Somaliland authorities. We are establishing the facts internally and can’t comment on the issue further at this point”

So how did the saga of alleged endangering of national security by an international organization supporting security enhancement that led to sour relations between the two emanate?

Credible sources indicate that the government of Somaliland reached the decision after verified suspicious action injurious to National security

“In mid February the three Europeans were caught in the act of substituting official plates from one of their cars with fake ones” reveals our source

This act took place at a garage in the Sha’ab area of Hargeisa was captured on video by CCTV.

Upon a complaint lodged by the garage proprietor to the ministry of interior, the three are said to have rejected summons for explanation on their action.

Thus leading to a short stint in police custody prior to their orders to vacate Somaliland.

The sources indicate that despite the proof via CCTV footage the trio who maintained their innocence failed to provide plausible reasons replacement of official car number plates with fake ones.

With the matters, as such the ministry of interior transferred the matter to the ministry of foreign affairs, which effected the expulsions

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In lieu of the immensely positive impact, support given to the Somaliland maritime security by EUCAP through Coast Guard training and equipment it is hoped that a mutually acceptable solution is on the works


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