Somaliland: Berbera Demonstrates in Support of Fired Governor


By: Yusuf M HasanBerbera comes to a standstill

BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – Port city business at a standstill as residents protest the sacking of Sahil governor.

Berbera town was the scene of major demonstrations by mainly youthful residents who were protesting the unexpected sacking of Sahil regional governor Mahmud Ali Suleiman.

The former governor popularly known as Ramah was fired by the head of state last night and Mr. Ali Mohamed Elmi appointed as in replacement.

While engulfing the port town with smoke from burnt tyres the peaceful demonstrators who were in their thousands chanted songs in praise of Ramah and others beseeching the head of state to reinstate him.

The sacked governor who later on facilitated the cooling of tempers and subsequent dispersal of the demonstrators held a press conference in which he urged residents of Sahil region to stop the protest on his behalf as his former post was a public office to be occupied by any Somalilander with capabilities.

Although the demonstrations were not licensed by the ministry of interior

Apart from burning tyres and rowdy chanting by the protestors, the unlicensed demonstrations ended without any reported incidence as related to violence or injuries