Somaliland: Bai Koroma back home, Enjoying Squash


Somalilandsun: Following conclusion of the #SomalilandElections2021,  international observers are back in their countries

Such an observer is Former Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma who was part of the Brenthurst foundation organisatized Somaliland elections Monitoring mission- SEMM.

On his return to his rural Home in Makena Sierra Leone

Though among a thirty strong team Bai Koroma’s presence in the counry was a huge plus for her international recognition push.

During is observation activities Bai Koroma enegaged with ordinary citizens both in the streets of Hargeisa and polling stations,  met and held discussions with various officials.

The private meetings saw Bai Koroma discuss the Somaliland democratization process with President Musa Bihi, opposition political leaders,  Non state actors and the Natonal Elections Commission-NEC

On his meeting with president Bihi

To the newly elected Somaliland Members of parliament and councilors

On his mission


Walking around the streets of Hargeisa , without any security personnel protection