Somalia: Drone Crashes in Puntland , Second in Week


Somalilandsun — A reconnaissance dronecrashedDrone crashes in Puntland

in north eastern region of Bari in Puntland, the second drone to crash in Somalia this week, Garowe Online reports.

Puntland authorities confirmed that the reconnaissance drone crashed in the early hours of Saturday in the town of Qow 20 KMs from Bossaso.

It is unclear which country the drone belonged to, however the Pentagon stated that the one of their reconnaissance drone crashed in the Lower Shabelle region.

A local security source described the drone as a small jet drone which is now in Puntland custody.

The Pentagon identified the drone that crashed near Bulo Marer on Tuesday as a Schiebel Camcopter S-100 a relatively small helicopter drone.

According to security analysts, the U.S. – rarely admit to clandestine operations – admitted to the drone crash after Al Shabaab posted pictures of the drone and its serial number.

Qow is located on the foothills of the Golis Mountain Range where Al Shabaab insurgents have strongholds deep in the mountain range that stretches beyond northern Somalia. Puntland Defence forces suppressed an insurgency by the terrorist organization in August of 2010 and have defence lines along the mountain range.