Somalia: China’s Ambasador Qin Jian Completes Tour of Duty

Chinese envoy to Somalia Ambassador Qin Jian discuss Somaliland Taiwan relations at a meeting hosted by president Farmajo in Mogadishu

Somalilandsun: China is to be represented by a new envoy in Somalia.

This was revealed by current envoy Ambassador Qin Jian through his tweeter account

Ambassador Qin Jian assumed duties in Mogadishu in April 2017 as replacement for  predecessor Ambassador: Wei Hongtian whose tour of duty ended in February that year.

In a later tweet the outgoing envoy whose replacement Beijing is yet to name praised his tenure

For Somaliland the exit of Amb Qin Jian is a blessing on disguise owing to his strong pro Greatet Somalia, a notion which encompasses the Somaliland return to its defunct union.

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President Bihi receives Taiwan envoy to Somaliland Amb Allen Chou at the presidency in Hargeisa file photo

Though Amb Jian is a skilled diplomat Hargeisa became his Waterloo following an unsuccessful attempt to cajole, bribe, force etc Somaliland out of her diplomatic relations with Taiwan, which China claims jurisdictional Authority over.

Not only did Amb Qian camp in Hargeisa for a number of days but his support from  a high powered Chinese delegation hastily dispatched by Beining , met the same fate ,rejection.

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