New Year Message from the Somaliland Sun Editorial Team


It was only a year ago when the Somaliland Sun was launched. And from the very beginnen the start the response has been tremendous. Visitor numbers keep growing. Over 250,000 unique visitors visited the Somaliland Sun in 2012 and the number is ever increasing.

For 2013 we remain committed to providing the world with unbiased and independent news from within the heart of Somaliland. For the simple reason that such as great country is worth the attention of the world.

Thank you to all readers, authors, advertisers, commenters for all you did to make this happen. We look forward to a new great year ahead.We hope that 2013 will bring us all peace and stability in our country and the region. My our country and our people grow and prosper. And may the world know that Somaliland is a country to be reckoned with!

Somaliland Sun Editorial Team