Jubaland Youth Organization Holds Maiden Anniversary in Yemen


Jubaland youth in maiden anniversary dinner in Yemen

By Ahmed Abdi
Somalilandsun – From clan rivalry to regional state administration, Jubaland state of Somalia has stepped forward to a glimpse of hope to keep going. While Jubaland’s reconciliation
conference , in part of international efforts to find a way out of decades of unremitting civil war and fraternal killings,that has been underway since last September has concluded with success , its muscles spread outside of Somalia.
Jubaland Youth Organization (JYO) in Yemen is one of its branches around the globe which celebrated its 1st year anniversary at the hall of Al-Khateib restaurant in the 45 street, Sanaa, Yemen on Sunday evening.
Members of the youth Organization of J.Y.O. has organized the celebration which dozens of people from all walks of life was invited to participate in.
The celebration that was chaired by J.Y.O.’s head , Adam Hussein, began with recitation of the holy book of Qur’an, specially selected verses from Surat Al-Asr or “The Afternoon” that touched upon the celebration’s agenda and created the right psychological environment.
The J.Y.O. chairman, Mr. Hussein, spoke at length about the agenda behind the creation of the Jubaland Youth Organization or (JYO.) a year ago and the long way it had taken to march the path of success before he delivered bunches of booklets written on it the group’s structure to the participants.
“It’s a great pleasure to us for answering our call and honoring us for your full participation of the event (referring to the guest) there is no wrong idea but different opinions, we can differ ideas but that doesn’t necessary means a sign of division, Said Mr. Hussein.
“We knew that we had a long way to go to achieve our goal of organizing and mobilizing Jubaland Youth in Yemen with limited resources and enduring hardship and difficult circumstances that we have passed through with the help of God. Now, we have organized by ourselves that means only the sky is our limit”, added the Chairman.

Jubaland Discussions galore after sumptous dinner in yemenFinally, the Chairman who left Somalia’ Gedo region when most of it was under Shabaab control urged with the elders to support the peace and security that the civilians gained with the help of Allah first and then with the assistance of the African Union forces in Jubaland.
“We ( as the Youth) can’t do alone. We need You, elders, for your guidance and your experiences. Our main object has nothing to do with tribalism but unity”.
Jubaland, which compromises Gedo, Lower Juba and Middle Juba provinces is a centre of trade, commerce, agriculture and rich in marine resources, Jubaland is also rich of natural resources such as oil and has the potential to hold the balance of power in the country. Jubaland’s largest city strategically located at the southern tip of Somalia on the Indian ocean coast, it has the biggest working sea port in Somalia and two airports which had been once, the Al-Shabaab’s major resource.