Somaliland: Sheikh Dirir and Sheikh Mustafa Urge Somaliland and Puntland to Stop the Tukaraq War


Somalilandsun:Renowned Mullahs Sheikh Mustafa Haji Ismael Harun and Sheikh Mohammed Omar Dirir have called on the Somaliland and Puntland authorities to stop the
war and spilling of Muslims blood in the holy month of Ramadan, and instead
do righteous deeds and Fear Almighty Allah. The two Mullahs were speaking in their respective mosques during the Friday congregation prayers. They called on both sides to cease hostilities and sit on the negotiation table.

Sheikh Dirir was speaking from Rusheye Mosque situated at the heart of
Hargeisa he said that Muslims blood is sacred and should not be spilled
because of clans or governments wars.

Sheikh Dirir requested the government not to allow a third party to
mediate the war and instead initiate talks with the Puntland and Somalia
administration directly.

“You can see that whenever there is a war the transport network between the
two countries is compromised. The people are not fighting so the
politicians should clear these mess once and for all.

In another development Sheikh Mustafa speaking from Ambassador Mosque
stated “These people who have standing and respect in the society should
know that if they stop this war they will get reward in the hereafter and
in this world. Please stop the senseless war whereby Muslim blood is being
spilled for no reason and fear Allah Almighty.”