Somaliland:President of Somaliland Shows Journalists a Three Point Memorandum that America and UN had Tried to Prevail Somaliland and Puntland to Stop the Tukaraq War


Somalilandsun:The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has shown journalist a three
point agreement that America and the UN had tried to convince Somaliland
and Puntland to stop the Tukaraq war however the Puntland president
Abdiwali Gaas ignored.

The president said this yesterday while speaking to journalists in
Hargeisa. He accused the president of Puntland Mr.Abdiweli for breaking the
America and UN agreement and the following day invading Somaliland border
with his forces.

President Bihi said “The international community suggested in January we
hold talks with Somalia which we did without hesitation we talked to
Mr.Farmajo then Mr.Abdiweli entered the picture he too wanted to talk to
us. The America ambassador and the UN special envoy to Somaliland and
Somalia mediated the talks through the telephone on the 23th of May 2018
the American envoy to Nairobi, Kenya called to inform me that the three
point Mr.Keating has forwarded should be respected and tomorrow there
should not be a war in Tukaraq. However on 24th May 2018 the Puntland
militia attacked Tukaraq. Somaliland loves peace so it followed the
America’s ambassador instruction to not engage however it was attacked by

Here are the three point memorandums they are as follows……..

1. The war has to stop.

2. Humanitarian activities should be encouraged.

3. A communication channel between the two military chief should be
established to avoid confrontations between the two armies.

“Somaliland accepted the American and UN proposition however the Puntland
administration brought their army to within 500 meters of Somaliland army
in ready to attack our positions. The Puntland army had move from 7 KM
distance. The following morning Puntland militias attacked Somaliland army
however they were in for a rude shocked the militias was dismantled.

The Puntland president is a poor man being used by the Somalia president a
Mr.Farmajo to reach his selfish ends. We have intelligence that the Somalia
administration claims that Somaliland is a province that has gone rogue and
need to be nipped in the bud.