Somaliland Army Receives Rebels in Las Anod


Somaliland Army Receives Rebels in Las Anod

http://Somaliland Army Receives Rebels in Las Anod

Somaliland armed forces 7th battalion, which is based at Sool Region Military Academy, has welcomed back; some of its members, who had joined the rebellious SSC militias.

Addressing the press, the commander of the 7th battalion, revealed that the soldiers; who returned from SSC, were former members, who had been deceived by their clan leaders.

Commandant of the 7th battalion, revealed that some Al-Shabaab terrorists, were collecting funds pretending to assist the Dhulbahante clan he said “We know the Dhulbahante clan, doesn’t need these funds, but Al-shabaab; which had been defeated in Somalia, is trying to disguise its intentions, collecting donations purporting to help the people of Sool region.’

The defectors brought back with them, the spoils of war, which included pick-ups, mounted with machines gun and different types of munitions.

He said “We shall pardon all those who were misled; to join the SSC militias, except the 33 traditional council of elders.”

The government of Somaliland, has announced, amnesty to all rebels and former government officials, who had defected; to join the rebellion, the SSC militias rank and file.

Somaliland government, singled out Al-Shabaab terrorist, Mr.Abdi Madoobe and 33 traditional council of elders; will not receive government pardon.

The army commander, urged the people of Sool; to embrace their government, since its evident, the devious plots, of the SSC conspirators.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir