Somaliland:Whoever Attacks Somaliland Will Suffer a Heavy Loss” Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe


Somalilandsun:The party of justice and development boss Mr.Faisal Ali Warabe has spoken
about has spoken abou8t the war between Puntland and Somaliland in Tukaraq.
He said that whoever tries to attack Somaliland will never succeed. The opposition called on the people of Somaliland to unite and fend off any
violation of their countries sovereighty.

The party of justice chief was speaking during an exclusive interview with
the Horn Newspaper in Hargeisa. He called all and sundry to take part the
campaign to assist the cyclone Sagar victims who are languishing in
destitution following loss of their livelihood.

“The border of Somaliland is well known it is a few kilometer from Garowe
the capital of Puntland. Tukaraq is in Somaliland furthermore the Puntland
administration has encroached into Somaliland territorial borders. Puntland
and Somalia have conspired to attack Somaliland in many however in every
encounter they have suffered heavy defeat at the hands of brave Somaliland

The opposition boss called on all citizens of Somaliland in the country and
abroad to help their brothers and sister who have suffered the brunt of
cyclone Sagar. It is the holy month of Ramadan so I hope you take advantage
of its reward and help those affected population of Awdal, Selel and