Somaliland:Somaliland Government Accepts the International Community Call on Somalia/Puntland to Stop Attacks on Somaliland Town of Tukaraq


Somalilandsun:The government of Somaliland has accepted the call by the international
community concerning the war between Somaliland and Puntland in Tukaraq
town. The international community had issued a stern warning to the
Puntland militia to stop the constant attack on Somaliland.

The minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Mr.Sa’ad Ali
Shire speaking to a local English daily newspaper the Horn Newspaper
accused the Somalia sponsored Puntland administration for constant
incursions into Somaliland territorial borders to initiate attack on
Somaliland armed forces guarding her international borders.

Addressing the international community Dr.Sa’ad stated “I urge the
community of nations to exert pressure on Puntland and her sponsor Somalia
to stop the naked interferences on Somaliland internal affairs. I call on
the international community to urge Somalia to intervene so that Somalia
quits her constant attacks and propagations of anarchy in Sool region of

Minister Sa’ad revealed that the people of Sool are thirsty and need
development, hospitals, schools, jobs. Sool province is located in
Somaliland and her people are Somalilanders.

“Somalia should disengage from fueling fire in Somaliland. I send my
congratulations to Somaliland armed forces for the spirited fight to defend
their people and country from the invading Somalia/Puntland militias. This
is an army that day a night loses sleep to defend their country and

Speaking about the Tukaraq war Mr.Sa’ad “The war that has transpired is
an insult to Somaliland because the country boundary is well known
inherited from the British colonial masters. We did not create it. It was
created by the British and the Italians; furthermore it is an international
border just like the one Somalia has with Kenya and Ethiopia. “

In another development the minister of foreign affairs talked about the
recent visit by the H.E president Musa Bihi Abdi in the western coastal
plains regions of Somaliland that were hit by cyclone.

“We toured four towns they are as follows Asha-ado, Gargaar Bari,Lughaya
and Sayla’a. The people we met told us many livestock died, many farms
were destroyed and upto 31 people lost their lives as a result of the
cyclone disaster. These people need emergency relief aid; they need water,
food stuff and humanitarian assistance. They lost their livelihood and now
live in destitution. I call on the local people who have resources to help
their brothers who have been afflicted by the cyclone disaster.
International and local humanitarian organizations should come to the
peoples’ rescue.” Dr.Sa’ad said.

The foreign minister also revealed that the UAE sent two Chinook
helicopters to reach the marooned people of the cyclone disaster. They
distributed basic disaster relief aid to the western coastal plains. The
government of Djibouti also helped with a aero plane that ferried the
president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi to tour the affected region.