Somaliland:Speaker of Somaliland House of Elders has spoken about a Ploy by Somalia Government to Bring Armed Militias in Tukaraq


Somalilandsun:The speaker of the senate Hon. Suleiman Mohammud Adam (Suleiman Noor) has spoken about a plot by the president of the federal government of Somalia
Mr.Farmajo to bring soldiers in Tukaraq. The Somalia president claims the soldiers are a peace keeping force, to quell the war between Somaliland and Puntland in Tukaraq hamlet.

The speaker confirmed that the Tukaraq war is funded the president of
Somalia Mr.Farmajo. The Guurti chairman went on to say that the Puntland
administration is part and parcel of Somalia and can never secede. He was
speaking to Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) reporters in his office in

The chairman added “The Somalia president claim that he is bringing peace
keepers in Tukaraq first let him tell the Puntland militias to stop
attacking Somaliland territorial borders. The Puntland province is a region
of Somalia and president Abdiweli cannot dare to secede from the union. The
Somalia president needs to tell Puntland to stop the war. If he went to
report to the Security Council, simply he will be asked to stop the Tukaraq
war which Mr.Farmajo is fueling.”