Two Yemeni Fishermen Found Dead in International Waters Bordering Somaliland

Two Yemeni Fishermen Found Dead in Somaliland Waters

Somalilandsun: The mystery surrounding the whereabouts of three Yemeni Fishermen missing for almost a fortnight has been resolved/

Two of the missing fishermen Ali Abdullah Hassan, 44, and his son Saeed, 14, were found dead in international waters near the maritime border with Somaliland, a source told Almasdar Online.

The third Abubakr Fawzi Abubakr Khamis, 13, has not been found and his whereabouts dead or alive are yet to be resolved/

The saga of the three fishermen who launched into the Gulf of Aden on Jan. 27 on a fishing trip has raised international concern with claims that local Yemeni and the /Saudi led coalition Authorities have ignored appeals for fuel and boats to aid in the search for the three fishermen

The three fishermen are from the Yemeni region of Abyan from where they embarked on their later turned fateful fishing expedition/

An ongoing tension between the internationally recognized Yemeni government and the pro-secession Southern Transitional Council (STC), over control of Abyan and neighboring governorates has further weakened public services like search and rescue operations in the area.

In August, after the STC seized control of the interim capital Aden and overtook parts of Abyan and Shabwa, Saudi Arabia negotiated a power-sharing deal known as the Riyadh agreement that seeks to incorporate the secessionists into the government and restore stability to the southern region. Signed Nov. 5, the deal has yet to be implemented.

No official statement on the deaths of the two fishermen and on the still missing 13 years old boy have been forthcoming form either the Yemeni Government or the Saudi led coalition fighting Houthis in the neighbouring country.

Though the two bodies of the dead fishermen were found  in international waters near Somaliland authorities in Hargeisa have also not commented mostly owing to the fact that none of the fishermen is a citizen and neither did their journey originate from any of its sea ports home to many /Fishermen of Yemeni origin.