Somaliland: Camel Milking Competition Comes to a Close

President Muse Behi sips milk at the UAE Somaliland Camel milking competition in Hargeisa -file photo

Somalilandsun: The Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Development Hon. Said Sulub Mohamed has hailed Somalilander pastoralists who are camel keepers turning steadily to intensive camel production.

The minister at the same time praised our UAE brethren for aiding in the facilitation of such intensive livestock production methods.

Hon. Sulub made the sentiments at the close of a week-long camel dairy milking competition which completed on Friday the 14th February 2020.

He appreciated the fact that the competition was a way of highlighting to the nation how intensive farming of zero grazing nature pepped up the production in the sector.

He said that it also was a way of learning the tools of the trade; hence disseminate the result to all regions in the country.

It is worth noting that the President himself attended the opening of the competition with the aim of entering his camels for the match only to withdraw humorously.

He observed then, “I didn’t attend this competition to grace it in my official capacity but I came as a farmer in readiness for the competition,” hence added, “But I have just withdrawn after having seen performances of the competing livestock pitted against mine  to be below par!”

He said that he will now to embark on intensive camel rearing such that he would enter his livestock in future competitions.

The President is one of the reputable camel farmers who are endeared very much to their rearing.

A successful competitor Ibrahim Baqaye happily said that he entered 12 of his camels for the competition, hence jubilantly had nine of them reach the finals. 128 camels were entered in the competition by enthusiastic farmers.