Somaliland: Sahra Halgan to Perform in France at PORTE DE LA CRAFFE (NANCY) on 2020-03-28

Sahra Halgan to perform at PORTE DE LA CRAFFE (NANCY) on 2020-03-28

Somalilandsun: Iconic artist of Somaliland and granddaughter of singer and poet, Sahra Halgan sings in her warm and hypnotizing voice. She mixes her compositions with traditional songs and other songs from the golden age of Somali scenes. Marked by conflicts in her country in the 80s, Sahra takes the nickname “Halgan”, the fighter, and improvises as a nurse. His music – and especially his voice – pierces the heart and instills strength in those who need it. Accompanied by 3 musicians, Sahra Halgan addresses both the dance floor and conscience.

This iconoc artist shall be performing live  in France at PORTE DE LA CRAFFE (NANCY) on 2020-03-28, those interested can buy tickets here



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