Somaliland:Government Bans Circulation of Waberi Newspaper


Somalilandsud:The chairman of Somaliland Journalists’ Association (SOLJA) Mr.Mohammud
Ahmed Jama (Huto) has condemned the government of Somaliland move to ban
Waberi newspaper from the operating in the country. The SOLJA chairman said that the government needs to respect freedom of expression in the country this is according to a posting in his face book account.

Herein are his sentiments…..

The Somaliland Journalists’ Association (SOLJA) sees today ban of Waberi
Newspaper from circulation a ploy by the government to muzzle freedom of
expression in the country. The journalists’ law of Somaliland has
procedural for expressing complaints against violation made by news

SOLJA is calling on the government to reinstate Waberi Newspaper back into
circulation without strings attached. Waberi Newspaper has been in
circulation for the past fortnight.

Somaliland Sun reporter insistent move to speak to the editor of Waberi
newspaper a Mr.Khadhar Gureyte proved futile and the phone went unanswered.

The ban came following the attorney general office letter to the Marodijeeh
regional court. The court ordered the publishing house of Waberi Newspaper
against printing the paper.

Somaliland journalists’ association calls the ban infringement of citizens’
rights to open news organization according to the country’s constitution.

Waberi joins Haatuf and Hubsad newspapers in the wilderness of journalism.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir