Somaliland:Two Die of Snake Bites in Hagal, Village of Sahil Region


Somalilandsun:Two people have died while 12 are fighting for their lives following a
menace of venomous snakes attacking unsuspecting villagers in Hagal hamlet
which is located 90 kilometers from Berbera town. This is according to
information reaching Somaliland Sun, from Hagal. The only MCH in the hamlet
lacks anti venom jabs to treat snake bites.

The father of a seven years old girl who was beaten to death by the snakes
Mr.Jama Ali Nuur told Somaliland sun, “The little girl was bitten at night,
the second night she lost the fight to survive and succumb to the snake
bite injury. Some things we used to give to victims like camel milk and
sheep fat has failed to work this time round. Within the past week seven
people have been bitten by snakes. Its summer time the underground is very
hot forcing the snakes to come out of their rendezvous. The nearest
hospitals are in Berbera and Burao town. “

The caretaker of Hagal village MCH Mr.Suleiman Mohammed Dubad said “Snake
bites have become a thorn in the flesh issue in this village specifically
at this time when the weather is very hot this causes the serpents to come
out from their holes and attack people.”

The MCH caretaker said that another problem is that the people who are
beaten cannot be brought to the hospital because of the fear that snake
poison will circulate to the vital organs of the body, hence they are kept
at home waiting for mobile medical attention.

Sahra Ahmed Kariye a mother of a 19 years old girl who is in comatose
following the snake bite said “Another problem is lack transportation just
the other day an old woman died from snake bites.

A doctor who gave his name Dr.Faisal Ali Ahmed said the problem facing the
country is that anti venom stock lack in most public and private hospitals
in Somaliland.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir