Somaliland:President Pardons Traditional King


Somalilandsun:The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has pardoned traditional
chief King Osman Aw Mohammud Burmadow who was incarcerated at Hargeisa’s
main prison. King Osman was initially sentenced to five years in prison by a Marodijeeh regional court for propagating anti-Somaliland agenda in Armo, a hamlet situated in Puntland where he had attended a Somali traditional coronation ceremony.

The King was arrested in April after attending a Somali coronation function
in Puntland, while there he called on the government to withdraw her
military from the Somaliland territory of Tukaraq in hope for pleasing his
hosts. However this move backfired and upon his return to Somaliland he was
quickly arrested and arraigned in court to answer charges of treason.

He later appealed and his sentence was reduced to three years in May.
According to information reaching Somaliland News Agency (
news desk from the deputy commandant of custodial corps of Somaliland
Brigadier Hassan Ali Dheere confirmed the release of king Osman from
Hargeisa Maximum Security Prison.