Somaliland: National Part Calls for Judicial Independence & Open Public Process


wadani part

By: Osman
Toronto (Somalilandsun) – The Canadian chapter of national part has criticized the ruling regime on how it disposes public arrest by not following the laid down national procurement process in addition to interfering with judicial independence.

This was an ingredient in a press dispatch released to media outlets dated 19th January 2015 and signed by the chapter’s head Dr. Ibrahim Absiye that among other shortcomings, listed the government ineptness in promoting and protecting fundamental right and freedoms of its citizens.
The opposition party’s press statement observed that the state contravened the laid down public procurement process in disposing and privatizing state owned Hargeisa and Berbera electrical power companies.
“Small investors were overshadowed by big fishes as the playing field was not leveled in ushering the privatization of the electrical firms thus negating the norm of fair and equitable distribution of public wealth “partly reads the press release
The chapter also equated Somaliland to Eritrea, North Korea, Iran and Syria when it comes to curtailing press freedom. The Canadian national party branch noted that magistrate Hussein Belel was fired after lifting the ban on Hubaal newspaper adding that “this is usurping judicial independence contrary to the practice in civilized nations”.
The party questioned why the head of state did not spend a night in Borame town of Awdal region during his tour even after the residents raised grievances against the government.
Time will tell whether the presidency will respond.