Somaliland: Somaliland Finance Minister Meets with Turkey Ambassador to Somaliland


By: Omar. A. Omar
Hargeisa(Somaliland sun). The Somaliland Finance Minister Hon. Abdiasiis Mahamed Samaale welcomes in his office the Turkey representative in Somaliland Amb: Musafer Yugsel .

The finance minister has a discussion with the ambassador about the better coordination between Somaliland and Turkey and makes development through each other’s memorandum of understanding.
The meeting between the finance minister and the Consulate took place at the office of the finance minister as stated according to the foreign affairs ministry which allows Samaale and Consulate to meet in their offices.
The two discussed important affairs and make sure the coordination between Somaliland and Turkey remains well-built to ensure the friendships exists.
“The chat about affairs includes construction of schools, hospitals, water sources, better improvement on education sectors and many more to be built by the Turkish government according to how I discussed with the ambassador.” Said finance minister.
The finance minister further stated that a lot of things had been discussed so far and on the side of Finance Ministry will ensure Turkey to play their role successfully without regarding how much tax they will pay but instead we assure them to bring their goods, machines and any other equipment they require and keep it in their offices. “we absolutely welcome Turkey Government in all sectors they need to start sharing ideas and keep Somaliland at its most to ensure further development criteria between these two countries (Somaliland and Turkey)” stated Samaale