Somaliland: Big Islamic Demonstration In Hargeisa, Somaliland About Charlie Hebdo’s Depict Cartoon Of Prophet Mohamed (P.B.U.H).



By: Omar. A. Omar.
Hargeisa, (Somalilandsun). The ‘horrific’ terrorist attack the capital Paris, France where 12 people were dead on the sport among them two police officers and many others seriously wounded at the busy street in the city center of Paris according to reports from the international media around the world which stroked the normal citizens around many Europe countries, Russia and USA.

After the release of the news by the international media the reports really hurts the journalists around the world as majority who were killed were journalists who engage in dealing with rights of freedom by exposing various cartoons released proshowing to Prophet Mohamed (P.B.U.H) which amounted to big demonstration around the world about the depict of Prophet Mohamed (P.B.U.H) cartoon.
The protestation led also the Muslims from Hargeisa city, Somaliland to protest at the city center where majority of the city residence come out in large numbers to refute and repudiate what the Cherlie Hebdo had drawn the cartoon of the beloved prophet Mohamed (P.B.U.H).
“We cannot tolerate Cherlie Hebdo’s flout to draw the cartoon of beloved prophet Mohamed (P.B.U.H) and never accept the Non-Muslims to cooperate around with the most Islamic vital believes by portrayal and do something unintelligent.” Said the protesters.