Somaliland: Let’s All Unite for Sustainable Peace and Stability –Haglatosie


Warlord Galayd at the supposed Khatumo presidency somewhere in company of his assirted Mogadishu supplied Weaponry

By M.A. Egge

Somalilandsun – The Minister of Health Hon. Suleiman Isse Haglatosie has reiterated the fact that it is imperative to have unity in the country. He at the same time reminded Somalilanders that it was incumbent upon them to defend solidarity, peace and stability within the country at all times.

The minister sounded the wise words to all Somalilanders through Radio Hargeisa from Buhodle where he has been all over the week in his continuous pacification efforts.

Hon. Haglatosie likewise scoffed at the Deputy Speaker Hon. Bashe M. Farah, whose earlier on statements rubbed the minister on the Dr Haglatosiewrong side of the shoulders, and reminded him that it was his post (the deputy speakership) that demanded a “collective national consultative” consensus.

A lot of hues and cries following reports that a plane carrying weapons landed at Buhodle resulted to a government statement that warned of dire consequences if the territorial integrity of the country was infringed upon.

This called for a delegation of ministers dispatched immediately to the area.

Hon. Haglatosie announced to the members of the press that Dr. Ali Khalif Galayd and his fellow Khatumoists had left Buhodle and its vicinities “but they have however relocated to Bal’ad”, he said.

The minister expressed his concerns that the local airstrip posed a danger to the area security.

“The airstrip here is not manned nor has it any radars”, he said.

“As far as health services were concerned, the ministry has established three maternal child Health centers in the area”, said Hon. Hagletosie.

He added that a local health institution was being established and its works has went on substantially.

“A TB health center is in the process hence is being built at Widwid”, he said.

The Ali Khalif weapons laden plane at Buhodle airportHe revealed that 2.5m dollars has been earmarked for the services in the health sector for Lasanod, thanks to the Somaliland Development Fund.

Whereas the government was wary of the plane-load of weapons, the irony is that the deputy speaker had claimed that the plane brought “aid” from the Somalia government’s minister of health through Ali Khalif Galayd in form of medicines.

The politician also passed the buck to the government by saying that the aviation minister should answer as to why the plane landed there. Hon. Bashe then said that “a mere individual’s visit had no consequences in Buhodle which needs national consultation”.

Bashe M Farah suspiciousTo this Hon. Haglatosie retorted that he was dispatched to the area by the Head of State and that “national consultation” was a reserve of the deputy speaker’s post.

Hon. Haglatosie also revealed the fact that the Khatumoists were sent off Buhodle and had relocated to Bal’ad.

“We could have chucked them off within hours but they sought to bolt after weighing the situation”, said the minister.