Somaliland: We should all be Wary of Anything Retarding the Nation’s March Forward


Somalilandsun – The fact that the election date-slating issue is a fore-gone conclusion should completely put to rest any un-called for petty reasons to put off forthcoming elections again.

As we embark and continue with our daily national chores of building the country, stipulations should be stuck to hence procedures be undertaken as regulations spell out.

Clear indications of objectives, aspirations, and progress and future good tidings are what the people and the country needs. We should all be wary of anything that causes national retardation and pulls us back.

Our parliamentarians, if they are worth any salt, should try their best to save, if anything, their legacy.

In other words in the next over one and a half years they should strive to knit the strings for the legal fabrics that they were to weave all along that they never dd. They have not only failed to live upto the nation’s expectations for the past decade by addressing constitutional inconsistences but they have also failed to represent their constitutions aptly.

To the political parties we say; act and behave like the rest of political parties do elsewhere on earth.

Flimsy reasons and wayward actions that only serve to the detriment of their supporters should be discarded. The predominant trends that only perpetuate tribalism, nepotism, cronyism and or retrogression-catalyst trends should be made a by-gone.

Parties should formulate policies that they can sell to their supporters as they seek support. Anything short of these would only put to shame the efforts of the past decade that witnessed many elections being held in the country.

Day by day we have been seeing our neighbours to the south taking their provocations to new greater heights.

Day by day we have incongruously witnessed lukewarm rejoinders form our politicians. Our MPs have not served us well, just as our senior party politicians.

Somaliland needs pragmatism in the face of such enemy onslaught, and surely, this can only be achieved when we are cohesive. To see some amongst our own not upholding this spirit is just as disgusting as it is disdainful.

This job is for all Somalilanders, regardless of their backgrounds, social status or political affiliations.

Somaliland has got to prevail and prevail it has to. The washing of dirty linen in public media should wane completely.

On the other hand, members of the press should in the same breath, avoid being part of the problem.

A grey area that perhaps have never been touched before concerning misdemeanor perpetrated by the media is the blatant bias in their manipulation of perceptiveness in their interviews.

We have seen hostile questions fired to leaders of certain regions, regardless of their social or public status which smirks of clannish tendencies.

This behavior is one which is very serious and a naked abuse of the fourth protocol which few, if any, have noted or cared to.

To fire hostile questions to selected “regions” has been going on for a while without anyone sounding a warning.

This column detests this behavior smirking of ill-innuendoes in the strongest terms and calls upon the media to NOT BE part of a problem we are so painstakingly and courageously fighting against.

An original editorial of The Horn Tribune-THT a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the state owned Dawan Media Group