Somaliland: Sports and Youth Minister Acknowledge’s Arrest of his Secretary


Youth and Sports Minister Ahmed Abdi Kahin revealed arrest of secretary after grilling by MP Hasan Awale Aynaan- inset

Somalilandsun – The Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Mr. Ahmed Abdi Kahin has confirmed arrest of a secretary in his office last week.

He revealed this during a press conference where by he was briefed journalists about his meeting with parliamentary committee for social affairs.

“I was called a by a watch dog committee in the House of Representatives so that I could answer their queries. They inquired on my Ministry’s work and plays for the future of which I answered candidly.”

“Pertaining the lady who worked in my office, she was arrested because important government files I had just brought in the office disappeared.”

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Social Affairs Hon. Hassan Awale Aynaan told reporters that his committee asked the minister about his responsibilities.

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